Saturday, September 22, 2012

We Draw Comics

Last week I met this super nice dude named Tyler, who developed a brilliant website for making collaborative comics. It's called We Draw Comics. I started an Ice Cream People thread, and it's been amazing seeing all the awesome funny ice cream characters this week! Here are a handful of favorites. Click on the cone to learn more about the illustrator, and please visit We Draw Comics to contribute your own cone. I love what people have been making and I'll totally post another round of these if the thread stays healthy.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Max Fiedler /// Mexer

Look at this awesome Cone from Max Fiedler aka Mexer! It is a little known fact that though ice cream people are not physically allergic to bees, they do cause mental stress and anxiety. Great job, by a great illustrator!

Gold Peg

Spotted these guys on Vandalog. Gold Peg knows what's up.


Brosmind knows a thing or two about Ice Cream People. Mostly, they know how to draw the distinction between lumpy piles of soft serve, and lumpy piles of poop. But that distinction is difficult to make for some, so they chose to just write out the word for excrement, rather than confuse novice ice cream lovers.

Elisa Gatzka

Look at this little guy by Elisa Gatzka! Look at lis little arms! I wanna arm wrestle against him with my finger.