Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Featured Cones: Travis Millard

Travis Millard took some time to contribute his documentation of two rare examples of frozen people.


"The Vanilla Crybaby"
- Not Much Fun.

Teresa Levy

In an attempt to attract actual living Ice Cream People to her home, Teresa Levy has crafted these excellent decoys.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Matthew Rodriguez

Matthew Rodriguez has been and active participant in the Ice Cream Community for a number of years. It is a pleasure to share some of his evidence. Also, thanks to Oscar Arriola for sharing his photos of Matthew's work.

Ol' Blue Eyes

This wide eyed heart-breaker was discovered by Flickr Corespondent mojodaisy in Grand Haven, MI. Be careful not to engage in a staring contest with Ol' Blue Eyes, he's unbeatable.

Smiley Pink

Smiley Pink is just a happy camper. Never has any drama, only smiles.
Discovered by Field Advocate: Rob Elliott.

Cambridge, MA

These guys were spotted in a dark back ally in Cambridge, MA. I think they've been hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Justin Degarmo

Two Ice Cream People marvel at what seems to be either their offspring, or their dinner. Drawing by Justin Degarmo!

Kawaii Stationary

Official Field Advocate note taking device. found via Gugy.

Tipsy Ice Cream

Ice Cream People have been known to get intoxicated from time to time. Thus these sobriety signs, indicating that it is not alright to "get tipsy". Good eye Bethany!

Featured Cones!

Salty Dave believes,
"[This] Ice Cream Man is having a meltdown. Yes, pun intended. Pushed to the brink by the pressures of the modern world, such as global warming, he starts to come apart. He's lost his cool. But he's a resilient chap. He takes a licking and keeps on ticking."

According to Allison Bamcat,
"Clowns love ice cream. Ice cream clowns are the happiest of clowns, melting and glorping, and speaking in chocolate tongues that we humans cannot understand."

Flavor of the Month

Ice Cream People are often considered guardians, protectors of innocence. In this instance our frozen friend is protecting the young boy from poor ice cream flavors.
Thanks to Cecile van Straten for sharing this photo!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Mutant Ice Cream Statues

Over the fast few weeks I've received reports of Ice Cream Mutant statues appearing all through out Europe. ( Previous Post ) Thanks to the following Field Advocates, for their documentation.

Jim & Claire's encounter in Berlin, Germany.

Nathan Castle's discovered on the Greek island of Kos. Nathan insists that perhaps the island is governed by them?

Amanda Bouchard's encounter outside Jus' Desserts, in St. Ives, England.

Just One Cornetto

This musical chap was discovered by Dave Knapik in the UK!
Specifically, near the Oxford Circus tube station in central London, southeast corner of Oxford Circus (Soho side).

Cookie Puss

According to Carvel lore, Cookie Puss is an edible space alien (his original name was "Celestial Person" and his initials, "C.P.", later came to stand for "Cookie Puss") who was born on planet Birthday. (1)

According to I.C.P. Field Advocate Matt "'s supposed to be some kind of alien. That's not speculation -- several of the old commercial spots featured Cookie Puss, with an echoing, unearthly voice, flying through space and twirling his many tasty features amidst the stars. It's possible that Carvel wanted to suggest an all-American cake character who, by virtue of his sheer determination to be super excellent, learned to fly off the planet and breathe where oxygen doesn't exist. I've never known Carvel to be so in-depth with their origin stories, so I'm betting he's just supposed to be an alien."

Thanks to Fred for the lead, and to Matt ofX-Entertainment for his x-cellent analysis.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Willy Hartland

Animator, and Yo Gabba Gabba contributer, Willy Hartland, took this incredible footage of Mister Smoothy a decade ago! Click on the image above to watch!

Eunice Kim

Eunice Kim has been documenting various species. This diagram illustrates the Ice Cream People's extensive in-cone and out-of-cone habits.

Team Scoopie!

The Culvers Restaurant mascot Scoopie has learned the art of extreme sports! Have yourself an adventure online at Team Scoopie!

Tom Kane

Tom Kane recounts his anthropomorphic experiences.


Sleepy Orange People Creamsicle by Bibichun

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kream Krunch Cereal

These examples of the "Golden Age of Cereal" were discovered by way of flickr, thanks to pack-rats Dan Goodsell and Waffle Whiffer!

Mr. Scoop Head served up chunks of real freeze-dried [strawberry, vanilla, or orange] ice cream in this short-lived two-year (1964-1965) frosted oat loops cereal. He was a cone dressed in a Friendly's-style ice cream server outfit. The other main ingredients included corn flour, sugar, and wheat flour. "Hey, kids, have you heard the news? The whole, wide world is screamin' it! Kellogg's has taken a nourishing cereal and put --- real ice cream in it!" [source]

Cone Kong

Daniel Pinkwater's children's book Cone Kong is an instant classic. Borrowing from giant ape-related literature, Pinkwater has recaptured the imaginations of readers Kindergarten to Grade 2. Illustrations by Jill Pinkwater.

*Thanks to Kim Butler of Newburport, MA for the recommendation!