Thursday, July 2, 2009


Mymo has surveyed over 10,000 Ice Cream People across the world. Sometimes she quickly does her renditions on the surface of outdoor buildings. Check out here other sightings here.


This couple lounges inside the EIS Gelato Shop on Brunnenstr. 10119 Berlin-Mitte. They suggested the cherry gelato.


Found this guy in Camden Town, in a cute little Japan shop.

This guy was thrilled to be in the window of an ice cream truck near Big Ben. I got a soft serve cone there and finally discovered what those brown things people always draw sticking out of their Ice Cream People Renditions are.

Allison Bamcat!

Allison has like the best business cards ever. She also has the ability to paint with colors previously unseen by man. The Ice Cream Clown above is available here.

Kinoko Gallery!

This dude hitchhiked on the back of an envelope from the Pacific Northwest. I guess Kiniko abandoned the little guy.