Saturday, August 29, 2009


Kaws produced these "warm regards bars" from the bottom of his heart, and according to sources, from the bottom of his bowels.

Marshmallow Cone Co.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1936, Captain Cone gives you a good ol' American salute. More info avalable at the Marshmallow Cone website.

Marshfield Fair

This little guy was hiding above a fried dough truck across from the Ferris wheel.

Chris Wawrinofsky

Chris Wawrinofsky wrestled this guy away from a wild animal, then nursed it back to health in his studio.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gilles Milwaukee

Milwaukee's hub for part human, part ice cream hybrids, Gilles!

Allison Cole

I think I just found new kitchen wallpaper. Designed by Allison Cole.

Jared Nickerson (J3Concepts)

Jared Nickerson made this graphic so you could be "naked no more" or just "dirty".

The Dirty Cream

The Dirty Cream © est une boutique/galerie en ligne dédiée aux Arts Graphiques, aux Designer Toys et au Street Art qui propose une multitude d'oeuvres (Designers Toys, Coussins Graphiques, Toiles Originales, Affiches, Sérigraphies, Toiles Imprimées, Bijoux, Peluches, Stickers...), uniques ou réalisés en séries limitées, en collaboration avec des artistes d'exception débordant de créativité!
Which I think means, The Dirty Cream is a boutique/ gallery that focuses on delivering exclusive limited artist collaborations, with today's hottest toy, graphic, and street artists. Above, is an example of their collaboration with artist Grapheart. It is available for purchase here.

Cute Boutique

Found these two adorable folks on the Shanalogic web-store. The "sprinkle rain" shirt is available here, and the "friendship tote" is available here.