Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Featured Cones!!

A gang of heartwarming cones have arrived at Ice Cream Headquarters over the past month. Here are some highlights. Click here to enter the complete archive of artist renditions.

Alexia Stamatiou, Providence, RI

Brian Willmont, Santa Fe, NM

Chuck Anderson, Grand Rapids, MI

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dick Daniels Weighs In...

Dick Daniels reveals the trauma of being so delicious, yet also body conscious.

Adrienne Lorico

Adrienne Lorico found this great ice cream banker on holiday, away from Toronto! Turns out if you insert enough coins into it's head, you'll receive magic!

Jeff DeSantis

Jeff DeSantis was thrilled to find this guy chilling in his banana split ice cream.

Divulge Designs

Jenn Kearns of DIVULGE DESIGNS found this guy in the back of the freezer in Philadelphia, PA

Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin

Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin has been nursing this tiny ice cream baby in Sweden.

Seven Cubed

"You cant choose your family" according to master carver, Travis Doggett. Thanks for looking-out Nick!

Porous Walker

This smelly little guy was discovered attending a Porous Walker art show at Receiver Gallery in San Francisco, CA. Thanks for the heads up Allan Hough!