Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kid Robot Miami

I found these guys in the Kid Robot store in Miami. The top one is by Gary Baseman, and the smoking one is by Frank Kozik.

Miami Ice Cream Truck

I snapped this really quick one night outside the Fountain Art Fair in Miami last December. It's on the back of an Ice Cream Truck.

Twirly's Soft Serve

Ice Cream People have invaded the tiny porcelain world of Village Miniatures. I spotted this thing a little while ago at an arts & crafts store, I just found the image online today. This is the Twirly's Soft Serve lighted building, made by Lemax.

Boston Red Sox

To celebrate the Red Sox "reversing the curse" in 2004, Hood released ice cream cups with celebrating Ice Cream People on the lid.

MHS Yearbook

Turns out Ice Cream People have been among us for years. I just discovered an Ice Cream Cheerleader in my yearbook!

Character Company

This couple was discovered by Nick Sherman in Sassy's Sliders on E 86th St & 3rd Ave in the Upper East Side NYC. Click the Image to view the photo in it's original state.
The sign can be attributed to Character Company!