Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jim Plukart

Wow! Jim Plukart dedicated a lot of time investigating this Frozen Hybrid. He tirelessly illustrated of the frozen being, obviously from local first hand accounts, and then rigorously set up hidden equipment to photograph her. The final evidence is astounding!

64 Colors

This is "Sugar Buzz", he lives here. If you like him, tell 64 Colors.

Found: Sheharzad Arshad!

This image was posted on the blog about a year ago. Thanks to an extra helpful internet sleuth, I was directed to the image's author, Sheharzad Arshad. If you chuckled as hard as I did, upon viewing the image, visit Sheharzad's webstore.

Chicago mystery sticker

This guy was spotted by Allen Hough, of Mission Mission Blog, outside Wrigley Field, in IL. Let me know if you know his origins!


Sinboy recently went to Timisoara, in the west of Romania and discovered some camouflaged Ice Cream People in the area.

M-M-Coney Island

Here's another example of the flirtatious Coney Island M-M-Ice Cream Lady.
Looks like she comes at a price. Photographed by Grace Chia.

Scoopie on Parade

Scoopie was spotted at the Kalamazoo Do-Dah Parade, in Kalamazoo, MI.
Click the photo to view the original image of Scoopie "chilling" with his anthropomorphic pal Slappy. Photo curtisy of Little Baby Zorak

Dick Daniels III

Dick Daniels must be in a very cold place, with very high Ice Cream People traffic. Here's another rendition from Funhouse57.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Featured Cone: Joe Keinberger

Joe Keinberger has uncovered a little information regarding the mythology surrounding the Snow Goblin:
"A lesser Frost Imp, or Snow Goblin. Charged with the task of freezing small ponds and streams in winter. Called "Little Frost" in parts of Europe, is known as a patron saint to lost pets, often leading them home through blinding snowstorms. Has been credited with changing pails of cream into ice cream, for sick children who leave them outside their doors on New Year's Day." Travels on the North Wind in his tiny ice cream cone, steering with his candy cane staff."