Saturday, May 15, 2010

Darin Shuler

Uh, ice cream person? Captured by Darin Shuler.

Mrs Scoop

Crazy real. by Elysia in Wonderland.

Featured Cones!

Christine Hale

gabbi räv ☂

Sneak Theif

Nick Gazin

Drawing greats Nick Gazin vs Ines Estrada

Animal Sleep Stories

Found on Animalsleepstories flickr. Deserves a close look.

Travis Lampe

Travis Lampe's Tear Drips. (Obviously from a giant-emotional-super-ice-cream!)

Snow King

Senior Ice Cream People Corespondent Nick Sherman discovered this gem on Kindra Is Here blog.

Penelope Popsicle

Penelope Popsicle spotted this little "yum yum".

Free Ice Cream

This little ice cream criminal has had people rallying behind him for years. These stickers have been floating around Brooklyn forever. No one is sure what he did wrong, but when you visit the website, you'll find his supporters have set his freedom cries to dope beats.

Mark Leggett

The talented Mr. Leggett discovered this hip flavor.