Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Banana Cone

The rare sub-tropic banana cone!
via this tumblr. Thanks for the tip Allan Hough!

Ice Cream Gang Warfare

More markings from an ongoing Ice Cream People turf war. Apparently ICEY stands for "Ice Cream Everyday Yo-mama." via Penelope Popsicle tumblr

Kitschy Kones

Baked ice cream cupcake friends! via Kitschy Living tumblr

SteffBomb sad sandwich

Check out Etsy username SteffBomb's upsett little sandwich. via Boing Boing

Ginette Lapalme

Look at this cold-hearted gang of frozen friends. Flawless rendition of flavor co-existence by Ginette Lapalme. Via BOOOOOOM!

Buff Monster

Checking in again with Buff Monster. Dude has a big pink heart of happy ice cream.

Pork Magazine

This dude was spotted in the back page of Portland, OR's Pork Magazine. Check out more rad drawings from Sean Äaberg

Travis Cain // Softee X

Check out Travis Cain's rad new bitmap Mr. Softee silkscreen poster. Via Kidrobot