Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chase Maclaskey

Chase Maclaskey hand painted this cannibalistic ice cream sandwich.


Mike Krol hand silkscreened this poster, promoting dairy products getting along..

Thrifty Truck

Ken Duffy found this rad truck during an LA traffic jam.


Mamluke found this wooden wonder, he says Scoopie lives at Culver's ice-cream parlor on the coast of Lake Superior.

Friday, October 12, 2007

M-M-Coney Island

Kate Black found this frozen lady in Coney Island, New York.

Mr. Kite's

Edith Frost met this couple in Chicago, at Mr. Kites on State St. Click on the photo to see it in it's original state.

Costume Kid

atanguay found this kid in Detroit, Michigan. He's happily promoting an ice cream shop.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mr. Whippy

Alena found this gem in Chincoteague, VA. I learned more about Mr Whippy at the official website.

Mr Whippy has been serving Chincoteague Island, VA for over a decade, this locally owned and family operated business, offers clean and friendly service, and specializes in the best soft serve ice cream in town! To learn more visit misterwhippy.com, or visit them in person! 6201 Maddox Blvd. Chincoteague, VA 23336

Surf's Up!

This Surfing cone was found by Zzzzt! Zzzzt! on the boardwalk in Rehoboth, DE. Zzzzt! Zzzzt! has a great collection of roadside and mini golf creatures! be sure to Check Them Out!

Scoops Sign

Scoops in Maui, Hawaii spotted by amethystrainn!

Cool Purple

This Super-Cool Purple Guy sits on topn of an Ice Cream Truck in Austin, TX. Great find duluoz cats!


This ceramic masterpiece was discovered bynessachanlurking in the corner by the out-of-order-photo booth in West Virginia.

Richard Mullins

Richard Mullins painted this cool blue Soft Serve entitled "The Final Days of Mr. Softee". It's from the Lost Catoons series (2007) House paint on bristol stock.

DQ Costume

Brian Bradley found this Ice Cream Person on his way home from work, dancing in the heat of Powder Springs, Georgia.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

G'day Australia

This Ice Cream Person was found down under in Australia! Thanks Rich Templeman!


This San Francisco native was found by kathleen_vincent on Flickr.

Mr. Masculine

This guy was found by mr_kevino on the way to Picton, ON from Toronto, Canada.


This sketchy little guy lives in Coney Island, New York. Thanks to whizchickenonabun for contributing!!

Ice Cream Family

Pjchmiel found a full Ice Cream Family in White Cloud, MI. If you notice, the Dairy Creme character is on the sign in the upper left side of the photo.

Dairy Creme

jpsphoto Found this guy in Johnston, Rhode Island on Route 6


here's another gem off of Flickr, thanks to thatblondegirl! This is Dippy's in Mantua, NJ.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Seth Scriver

This is the soft wizard by the talented Seth Scriver! check out more work at PeanutBreath.com.

Carl's Ice Cream Factory

this is the mascot from Carl's Ice Cream Factory in Bloomington, IL. the photo is by rochelle, et. al.

former Dairy Isle

agilitynut also found Dairy Isle in Oil City, PA. A great find! This photo also reflects the type of images found in this pool of Old Fashion Ice Cream Stand photos here.

are those eyes??

agilitynut found this gem at Double D's Ice Cream in Perkin IL. But is it a person? check out agilitynut.com and learn more!

the Original Freezo

This is the Freezo Mascot, home of soft serve Ice Cream Fantasies! It's located on Central Ave., in Knoxville, Tennesse! the photo is by ambererobinson

Foster's Freeze

These are from Foster's Freeze, out in Sebastopol, CA. thanks Duff. Top two photos by dnl_slavin below them zealtime, the botom is by roadsidepictures