Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mr Softee

I found Mr. Softee on the side of an Ice Cream Truck in Manhattan, New York. Learn more about the Softee franchise at


From San Francisco, here's a sticker by Ertiepie! to view more work visit:


this piece is part of a series of alphabet wood carvings. it illustrates an Ice Cream Incubus and a number of other things beginning with the letter i. check out Ojimbo's flickr here:

Aqua Teen

I haven't seen it, but I guess Aqua Teen Hunger Force Parodies the old "lets all go to the lobby" animation.
(the original "lets all go to the lobby" animation does not have ice cream, but a box of chocolate instead)

Drive-In Theater

the classic Drive-In movie intermission.

Drew Millward

This untitled dairy entity is "the unfortunate hybrid of an owl and an ice cream sundae." To see more work by Drew Millward:

Gary Baseman

I just found this in my room. It's by Gary Baseman

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Uncle Creamy

These are the two versions or Uncle Creamy, a villian on THE TICK cartoon. thnx Alan

Mr. Tastee from Pete and Pete, good call suzie

Mini Golf Across MA Sightings

This past summer, my girlfriend and I went on a tour of every miniature golf course in Massachusetts. Along the way we discovered 2 Ice Cream People Statues. When we returned home, I discovered a small toy Ice Cream Person someone had given as a gift. At this point there was do denying the presence of the Ice Cream Person in my life. I gathered my photos and started this blog.

The clown is in Kingston, MA?
the female is on rt. 16 in Douglas, MA.

I got this guy as a gift. I don't know anything more. do you?
Has your mom ever been like, "If you don't stop eating that Ice Cream, you're going to turn into it!

This project is about Ice Cream People, I'm looking for:
• Photos of statues, toys, costumes
• Drawings
• Collage
• Found Imagery
• any Ice Cream with human characteristics!

I started this Flickr group to upload submissions:


p.s. the blogger account is kind of a prototype. it's temporary until I make a nice little domain for this project.