Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jim Pluk

One of our favorite artists Jim Pluk sent through this very special cone in honor of a family member with severe health issues. You are all in our prayers.


  1. Been looking through the posts. Really nice stuff. Strangely enough, I'd just finished two dishes of chocolate swirl when your blog was featured in my tumblr sidebar. Iscreamed!

  2. ...I show my age as I state the fact that IAM A DIE HEART CONEHEAD...I sure hope we can still get along in this, the ever changing world in which we live chicks dig icecream or could I still impress with juggling.....why else would one learn the art of juggling but to impress the are impressed..right. lol...ouh I think I'm in there hope for me case I'm not recognized its me guys wellhungsnowwhitetan you got to love david bowy