Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kream Krunch Cereal

These examples of the "Golden Age of Cereal" were discovered by way of flickr, thanks to pack-rats Dan Goodsell and Waffle Whiffer!

Mr. Scoop Head served up chunks of real freeze-dried [strawberry, vanilla, or orange] ice cream in this short-lived two-year (1964-1965) frosted oat loops cereal. He was a cone dressed in a Friendly's-style ice cream server outfit. The other main ingredients included corn flour, sugar, and wheat flour. "Hey, kids, have you heard the news? The whole, wide world is screamin' it! Kellogg's has taken a nourishing cereal and put --- real ice cream in it!" [source]


  1. they need to revive said kellogg but substitute the nourishing loops with cone chunks.

    ... this is assuming the initial product was actually tasty. the 2 year run says it's skeptical.. but.. I'm sure Kellogg could wow us with the help of neat tools and gadgets we have today.

  2. 1965. i lived to get up and eat this cereal. especially if the tiny store my parents shopped at had the vanilla flavor in stock.