Saturday, June 14, 2008

China Ice Cream People

This guy was on the umbrella of an Ice Cream Cart outside Mo Ganshan artists community in Shanghai.
This dude was on the wrapper of a frozen milk popsicle. I don't remember what it tasted like, but it looks like it should have had an orange flavor.

This one was found in a shop called
ENO in a giant mall in Shanghai. It was created by a guy called Rubberpixy, check out his stuff. (The image is a link to the ENO webstore, if you want to buy the shirt).
Same Deal with these two, I found them in ENO. If you want them, just click the images. The female bust is by Mr. Box, and the pink shirt is by Anpro.
There was a German<-?? ice cream shop in Hangzhou, on West Lake. They had an Ice Cream Clown Sundae there.
This sign was in Beijing, advertising a triple scoop Ice Cream Companion. The place was closed when I saw the sign, and unfortunately I only saw the shop once.